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Lyle Stokes


Lyle is a lifelong catfisherman, and custom rod builder since 1984, and owner and host of Catfish Weekly.


Married to his wife and tournament fishing pardner of 40 years Cindy, Lyle travels around the mid United Stated fishing catfishing tournaments, doing fishing seminars and sport show for Blackhorse Rods and Catfish Weekly.


Although building rods is a hobby business that keeps him busy, Catfish Weekly, tournaments and shows are his passion sharing catfishing knowledge with others. Catfishing in as many as 8 to 10 states a year and doing shows and seminars keep things hopping at the Stokes house and Lyle admits he couldn’t do it without the support of Cindy and others that support him. People such as sponsors and the fishing family makes it possible.


Catfish Weekly is the new big thing that Lyle does that he enjoys the most. Trying to keep the show fresh, popular guest and spot interviews take a lot of time, but worth the effort and Lyle feels it is the best thing he can do to help promote the sport he loves so much.

Tim (Doc) Lange


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Cindy (The Spinner) Stokes


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