Guests Read!

So we have asked you to be a guest on the show. Here are some things you will need to make everything run smoothly.

  1. WebCam – Some laptops have built in webcams. If your on a desktop pc here are some links to webcams.
    $70 C920 (1080P) – Click Here (This is the cam i use on the show)
    $40 C525 (720P) – Click Here
    $15 C016 (720P) – Click Here

  2. Headset Microphone – Regular speakers with a desktop microphone can and usually do cause problems when trying to do a show. The speakers often cause the mic to come on causing echo effect. A headset with speaker and mic fix this and work best and can be had for a reasonable price. Here is some links to some headset mics that will work.
    $30 478 – Click Here
    $20 LX-3000 – Click Here
    $10 – H110 – Click Here

3.Install Google Hangouts on your PC and add Catfish Weekly to one of your Circles.

  1. Contact one of us on FaceBook or however you can and tell us your ready to test your connection.