Super Fan Club

Join the Super Catfish Weekly Super Fan club for $5.00.

Being a Catfish Weekly super fan is not required to view the show or registering but being a Catfish Weekly Super fan Club Member Benefits are below.

Register as a member of the website fill out your profile and a real picture of yourself each member is hand approved to keep out spammers, Pay Lakers & People involved in hand fishing (hogging),unethical commercial fishermen.

As a Catfish Weekly super fan you will be eligible for special discounts from Sponsors, Advertisers and Blackhorse Custom Rods.

As a Catfish weekly super Fan you can make and moderate your own group within the community and able to add friends to your profile and participate other members groups & post comments on the site.

As a registered Catfish Weekly fan you will also automatically be entered in any giveaways or contest by any Sponsors, Advertisers and Blackhorse Custom Rods or Super fan packages.

This is an exclusive membership and is an annual membership and will never go over $5.00 a year this helps us keep the servers running domains and everything that brings you high quality live Catfish information with real anglers you can also make reasonable topic request Super Fan Club members topic request takes takes precedence.

As a Super Fan Member you will get a Catfish Weekly E-Mail for as long as Catfish Weekly regardless who owns the Company. requirement is you have to use your own name (IE:

After you Register click on the PayPal button and donate any amount with the minimum of $5.00 in the comments section of your PayPal box enter your Catfish Weekly user name.

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