Catfish Weekly 197

Next Monday on Catfish Weekly, if you ever wandered if making video’s was right for you, if you have questions about making video’s and all aspects of doing video work, have we got a show for you!! Steve Douglas will be sharing his knowledge for the art of filming your fishing trips. Steve is one of the top guys in YouTube video’s, and is going to be taking questions right here on Catfish Weekly next Monday night! Be sure to tune in at 7 PM Central. We will also have current events, results, and Doc’s tip of the week and oh yea, we are gonna be spinning the RigRap Prize wheel!! Post your entry for a chance at a spin on this post. Good luck! Don’t forget to join Catfish Weekly’s Facebook page, and like and subscribe to our Catfish Weekly’s YouTube channel!! If you haven’t signed up to our Catfish Weekly Blog on the Catfish Weekly site, please do. We will be adding a lot of content, video’s, upcoming guest, and giveaway’s, that way you will be sure to know about what is going on! All you have to do is put in your email address!